The Flavor of The Day

In Calgary Alberta is a world famous drive through restaurant called "Peters Drive In". It is so famous that when I was on a train in London a number of years ago I got chatting with a gentleman next to me - who said he was a "professional ebook cover maker". 

How cool is that? I'm not sure I had ever met anyone besides me that even knew what an ebook was.

We carried on talking and finally he asked where I was from.

I told him Canada. He says "oh yeah? Been to Canada, but don't remember much about it. I do remember this restaurant though... you probably don't know about it... but it was called "Peters Drive-In". Just incredible milk shakes!" 

I burst out laughing. I lived 2 blocks from this place. It was the only restaurant in the whole country, and Canada is one of the two largest countries in the world, so the coincidence could not have been better.

One of the things they mention take pride in is how you can mix and match their milkshakes with various flavors and have something like 4500 combinations to choose from. Pretty incredible. 

If you mixed a different flavor every day, you could have something like 5 years worth of flavors (assuming you stuck to one shake a day).

A amazing as it sounds, it's pretty sickening too. I for one would not be willing to consume one of their shakes every day. Not because they're not amazing (they truly are memorable), but because nothing that sugary will sit well in my system.